Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Package from Home!!

Let it be known that I successfully packed my 2-month life into two perfectly 50-lb bags. (Okay, one was 50.4 and the other was 50.9, but the airport guy let it slide…)

However, once I got to Cali, I realized that I had--in all the excitement and rush to Hollywood--left some VERY critical items at home. I called my parents and gave them a list, and they spared no time in sending me the emergency package of forgotten items. Inside?


These are my go-to pink patent leather pumps. I hadn't brought any

pink close-toed shoes to Cali! Crime!!

My staple accessory and room decoration.

Thankfully, I had bought temporary glitter glue for the
first two weeks to tide me over. But my original bottles have character!
And the LA bottles are puny, and a JOKE!
ESSENTIAL for crafts, cards,
and many, many other things.

(Top: My Iowan Glue
Bottom: Cali Glue)
Really, California--REALLY?

Rose evening purse!
What is a diva to do without a rhinestone-clasp clutch to
take out on the town??

My 2nd Bible.
The apostles of editing and filming have created a masterpiece!
Old Testament--35mm film; New Testament, HD

Ziplocs and washcloths...
because they don't sell them here? AND....

I knew my mom was bound to throw a random item in there.

I love California, but...
I miss my family, and I love them more than anything!!!


  1. Eva I cracked up looking at that poor barbie wanna be :p
    I think it's so cute
    and this blog still AWESOME!!
    By the way
    I adore your pink shoes they're sweet n cute >.<

  2. Old Testament, New Testament...when are you gonna drop everything for stand-up? I had to fight actually laughing out loud when I read that because everyone is asleep at mi casa. Glad to see you got the essentials!