Friday, July 16, 2010

Filming from the Fashion Closet!!!

In the Fashion Closet!! (where I was born to be...)

Racks and racks of jewelry in every curtains drenched in gems and jewels, one hanging sheet devoted to a single color and jewelry type. Blue bracelets, yellow earrings, green necklaces. And the SHOES! [gasp] I was like a girl in the candy shop who reaches a sugar high before she even takes a bite. But I couldn't take that precious bite, because 1) the shoes weren't my size, and 2) they are not mine. That would be frowned upon, now wouldn't it?

ET Production Assistant--the long-legged, dark-haired, beautiful Sonya--joined me in dressing mannequins and excitedly watching the crew film "You Choose Lara's Look."

What better a place to look
at fashion magazines than
the fashion department?

The Insider, which is ET's sister show, is a discussion panel-based celebrity news show. One of the four panelists, Miss Lara Spencer, gets to have her next day's outfit selected for her by viewers each day. It is called, fittingly, "You Choose Lara's Look". The fashion coordinator, Anya Sarre, picks out the options, determining Lara's fashion fate, and the viewers vote on the website between the two.

We sat on the sidelines while Anya filmed her segment! I shouted in the background when Anya mentioned the interns, "YES OF COURSE!!!"
My excited outburst is at 1:16 :)

Each Piece of Glitter Matters.

Besides helping out backstage...what were some other treats of the fashion closet???
UM HEL-LO CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alrighty, so this dog wasn't in the closet, but ET's Executive Producer, Linda Bell, brought her dog into the news room, and Sonya was quite delighted. :)

Anya's pink suede pumps.

"Do you ever get desensitized to all the glitter and glam since you do this every day?" I asked Anya, somewhat fearing the answer.

"No, and that's why I love what I do. Each piece of glittery jewelry is always different and exciting to me."

Now this woman knows how to speak my language.


  1. Eva I heard it! I think it's really amazing over there
    What else did you see?? :D *curious*
    Good luck for your intern ddivva!! >.<

  2. Eva,
    It is my dream to wear... or even hold a pair of Louboutins. Your blog is great...