Wednesday, November 3, 2010

To Los Angeles and Back Again

When I got the call to reappear on Jaywalking on the Tonight Show, I remember jumping around my dorm room in Campbell Hall, singing with excitement. Or maybe it was more like sing/screaming. Oh boy oh boy, back to Los Angeles!!! OK-so maybe I was selected because I was at the cream of the crop of foolishness, for Battle of the Jaywalk All Stars, but still--I was pumped.


Okay, actually I flew into Burbank, but whatever. You get the point.

When I stepped out of the plane into the PERFECT weather, I thought to myself, "Now, why did I ever leave Los Angeles? Well, school, yes, but besides that…?"

The Tonight Show had arranged for a limo service to pick me up. I was spoiled! I felt really goofy because the limo driver acted all professional and everything, opening the door for me.

"So…do you sing?"

"Yes, I sing a little bit," I said, wondering why he had asked. I came to find out that he actually thought I was the musical guest for the next day's show! I giggled and told him, "Nope, I'm just here for jaywalking." Then I asked him if he had driven any divas recently.

"Pamela Anderson," he said.

Day of the Taping

The next morning, I woke up and danced around my hotel room. I cranked up Miley's "Party in the USA" on my laptop speakers and jumped around on the bed. Then I heard three pounds on the wall from the room next door. OOPS! Maybe not everyone is filled with energy at 7AM. I abruptly shut the music off.

I packed up my three stuffed corn cobs--Iowan souvenirs for Jay, and two of the show crew members who coordinated my visit--and got into the limo.


I was so happy once I got there! I had my own dressing room, filled with a fruit tray, a large selection of pastries, coffee, tea, fizzy water, and nearly everything except for a Thanksgiving turkey. As I was getting my bearings, a guy walked in with a cart and said, "Do you need anything else?" After telling him I was more than fine, I said in a drawn-out, snob voice, "Oh Yes, I'll have a bottle of Cristal please." He laughed and said he'd grab one.

I never got it, by the way...

I went into wardrobe and make up to get some finishing touches on my look. "I love your shoes!" the hairstylist said. I had chosen to wear my Paris Hilton black platform pumps, because I was told I would need to grow a little bit to be seen.

Jay walked into the dressing room to say hi, and I gave him the stuffed Corn Cob. It actually had a tag, with a name, "Corny Cobb." He appreciated it!!

Corny Cobb had a relaxing time in my dressing room...


The other two contestants were Nadia, a 20-year-old model/actress, and "Fabulous", a celebrity hairstylist and stand-up comic. They were both from Los Angeles, so I was proud to be representing IOWA!! It was taped in front of a live studio audience, even though it will not air until *tentatively* November 10th. I had SO. MUCH. FUN. Jay asked us questions for an hour and a half…mostly about history, politics, and a few about science. To my complete surprise, I actually did alright! Maybe I learned something from my mom who was on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? when I was in 8th grade. But I still spaced on a few questions...and I'm sure that they'll feature those.

I was bursting with energy and I think I actually sang a few answers. Now, I won't spoil any of it...after all, it hasn't yet aired!

Nadia and Me


I went back to Entertainment Tonight to visit friends from where I interned this summer.

Mark Steines, Host of Entertainment Tonight and spectacular mentor!

It was, as usual, SO GREAT to see Mark! I had lunch with him and Michael, my favorite editor at ET! That night I had dinner with another amazing friend, Amy, who works in marketing at ET. She is such a blessing and a wonderful role model. And we went to get FRO, how I missed the California frozen yogurt shops!!!!

To top the night off, two of my friends from my summer acting class at Groundlings came over to my hotel to hang out, and we watched The Women of SNL. (very inspiring!) I was overjoyed to see them--one of them had just starred as a lead in an episode of America's Most Wanted. I was really proud of him!

Such a whirlwind trip--it makes me even more energized to get back into the entertainment industry!

NOVEMBER 10th...For now...

Tune in--at my own risk of embarrassment--to the Tonight Show on November 10th.

(Who am I kidding, I don't get embarrassed!)