Thursday, April 7, 2011

A New (York) Beginning

This…this is the city that really never, ever sleeps. Which stinks, because I like to get to bed on time. But I’ve fallen in love. So, since lovers make sacrifices, I guess I’ll adjust.

Iowa, you still have my heart.
Iowa is great. I LOVE Iowa. Nice, hard working people with good values, quiet places, beautiful, flat land, wild raves, friends and family. But as much as I wish that this beautiful state was the media capitol of the nation, it’s not. I mean, don’t get me wrong—Cedar Rapids has it goin’ on,
(Ad on the NY Subway...first time I saw it, it shocked me a bit!)

(Um...HeLLOOOO!? did you visit the movie theaters in the past few months?!) but I just don’t see all of the major networks setting up shop here within the next 10 years. Unless they're going to start up episodes of America's Next Top Soybean.
Good old Iowa Time in October with President Ben Allen and Pat Allen of UNI,
and the Alpine Yodeler, Isaac Brockshus

So... last summer was my first venture outside of Iowa, to Los Angeles. I tried out the California lifestyle while interning at Entertainment Tonight. My thoughts on Cali? Amazing. I had a blast with Mark Steines at ET, made some new friends (Jay Leno?), found a great church, and loved studying at the Groundlings improv school.

But even though I had the Hollywood itch, I had a semester to finish up my college degree.

WHICH—boys and girls, is VERY IMPORTANT! So pursue post-secondary education, because it is the stinkin TIME OF YOUR LIFE!! (Especially if you go to UNI.)

And, though I had been to New York several times before, needed to give it a fair try before going back to LA, so I figured it was time to give New York a shot for a few months. Cue internship at the Colbert Report.

And now I’m here and I love it and I don’t wanna go back. At least…not this year, or the next…

This is my roommate, Rachel. We share a room in Student Housing in the New Yorker Hotel, just a few blocks from Times Square. Rachel is kind, motivated, thoughtful, and intelligent. We have so much fun together! She is studying at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology—more commonly referred to as FIT. It is the most noteworthy fashion institute in the nation, which boasts alumni such as Calvin Klein.

We love to go to shows, meet new people, explore new restaurants and shops, and play dress up. And NO--we are not to old to play dress up.

Keep an eye on this girl, because she's the next biggest thing in the fashion industry...
Because Rachel and I are both new to the city (she is from Boston) we can explore together. And there is a lot to explore. If each day was 500 hours long and I lived 10,000 years, I would probably only THEN begin to fully see and appreciate all of what New York has to offer.

But I'm 21 years old, and there are only 12 hours in a day (if I want to sleep...which I mentioned up top is very important to me...)
So for now, I'm just scratching the surface of this amazing town.
But there's no rush.
I have all the time in the world, and I couldn't be more excited.