Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hollywood? Holly-WORK!!

A Budding College Graduate's Career Indecision.

So far, I have been sharing happy happy happy!! :D And yes...I am a happy person. And I do LOVE it here! But I also do have anxieties. So, if you would indulge me, I will vent for a teensy bit.

Do you ever have SO MANY IDEAS that your mind is BUZZING!?!? Like you have a gallon bucket filled with zillions of creative seeds, and you don't have enough water for all of them? And everything you see inspires you to write a stupid song, or make a video, or design a piece of art. That is me when I wake up in the morning. And when I am in the shower. And when I am clipping my nails. And--most ANNOYINGLY--when I go to bed.

I guess some people would consider this to be a blessing and not a curse. But I am going to be flat-out honest--it is stinking annoying sometimes. Because then all I want to do is create, create, create...and then I don't prioritize "relaxation". Or sleep...(what is that, anyway?) There's a saying, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." But I think...if I'm having fun while working, isn't it win-win? So I need to take this "curse" and put it into an industry in which my buzzing ideas can find homes.


Hollywood? Holly-WORK!

This internship has been a constant process of learning. Not only about technical skills and the inner workings of the entertainment industry, but about myself --what I want for my future. I am around real people in the business everyday, through their good and bad days. News flash, Eva--just because it's "**HOLLYWOOD!**" doesn't at all mean that it's all-fun, all-games, and all glam. I would be a liar if I said that was the case! I guess I knew that coming in, but seeing it up close helps me internalize this. I witness the same job stress--the same good days, the same bad days, the same anxieties. So maybe Zac Efron is down the street and Dr. Phil is a door knock's still a life here or there!

In which Direction Should I funnel this need to create?

As I am nearing graduation, I am going crazy--what is the RIGHT way to go? Do I want to live in NYC, LA? Iowa?! Now, later? Do I go to grad school or jump right into the industry? Do I want to go the musical route or more TV oriented? Performance or production? And WHAT do I DO when it ALL interests me??! Too many choices! Can someone just pick it for me!

Look in the mirror, Eva--it's called growing up. All people have to face the big, scary "Real World" sometimes. And sometimes it's filled with as many challenges as the MTV show with the same name, yet with many less innuendos and fabricated drama. It's legit. Sometimes I just need to take things slowly as they come, and appreciate the journey. I am thankful to be around patient, loving people who are willing to assist in any way possible, and I take advantage of this. I guess (knock on wood) the rest will fall into place.


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  1. I agree Eva.. :D now I have lots of choices, where should I continue, graduate school/not, where will I live? What will I take: I love fashion, business, arts, and I love writing for the magazines too. So Im so confused..

    But just follow what you think will make you the most - happiest*.
    and least stressful?? I guess.. To make you keep forever *young! ;p

    Good luck for the intern there, eva!