Friday, August 13, 2010

Interview with Jay Leno

J to the LENO.

'Twas a bit random, I must say, that I happened upon Jay Leno the other day when I got out of the Groundlings. I got out of class and mom gives me a call,

"Eva, go down to Melrose and Gardener...we're here with Leno!!"

So I skip down the street. Sure enough, he was there, interviewing some reality stars!
I walked to the front and started smiling really big, so when he finished his interview he came up to shake my hand. We started talking...I told him I'm proudly from Iowa...and got a picture.

Dad, who is already anatomically connected to his camera, could not stop snapping pictures.
I was so happy, I left for a second and walked around the corner and did a party dance!!!

I walked back and started chatting with producer. His name was Dave, and he actually attended college in Iowa! He asked if I had any good break up stories to share with Leno, because the issue for his Jaywalking segment was "relationships". I had a couple of good stories.

Then Dave, the producer, gave me 2 tickets to see the screening of his show in 2 days.

Jay was pretty nice. I think I blabbered a lot. There was an Italian guy standing next to Mom who said, "Is she an actress?"

Mom said, "No."
"Oh, so she is normal person?"


"She is very strange for normal person."

Thanks, Italian boy.

Overall, it was extremely fun!!
So I guess it is going to air within the next few weeks or so. Who knows if the editors will even put me on...but if anyone sees it, let me know!

ON a much different note, I finally finished my intern project about Women's Roller Derby. Check it out here!

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