Monday, June 6, 2011

YOUR MOM. (ok, my mom)


Recently, I flew back to Iowa for two weeks to spend time with my family. It was soSOsoSo great to see them.

I mean, I am very lucky to have a family like them. Is it weird to not ever get bored of or sick of your family?
AHHH im so uncool i mean my parents are ok i guess i dunno it's not like i hang out with them.
once you get older, does it become acceptable again? I can't help it! They are very entertaining.

Mom dancing on the table @ the Indian restaurant during last Dec on her 27th** bday party

**see below

MOM is a total drama queen. but it's all good. I taught her well. The day after I flew back, I watched her in a local community theatre production, Neil Simon's "Plaza Suite".

She was very, very animated onstage. Some people probably watched and thought, "My, how good she is at acting animated and overly dramatic! The exuberant hand motions--the heartfelt reactions to multiple crises! What a CHARACTER!"

While my sister and I were sitting here thinking. " she even acting?"
(my mom thinks these pics make her look "ugly and like a middle aged woman...which I am NOT, by the way!!!" ) Ever since I can remember, my mom has been 27 years old. The older I get, the more disgusting that thought is.

So it was really fun watching Mom. PLUS, it was directed by my HS Drama Director, Mrs. Halane Cummings! Who said, "Now I see where Eva got it from."

Compliment taken.

on another note, Mom just recently set a Guiness World Record with her high school Biology Club that she founded. She is a bio teacher. Actually, she is the modern-day Ms. Frizzle, basically.

(you know Ms. Frizzle from "The Magic School Bus." Don't PRETEND like you didn't watch it! I know you did! Or at least played the computer games! They had multiple ones--nature, solar system, human body, planets, etc. In the human body one there was a cool game you could play where they equated the functions of the liver to a car wash. I was addicted. And now I have revealed too much)

the only difference is there is NO WAY she has planets on her dress. Because neither my mother nor I share an affinity for astronomy. In fact, I got SO STINKING FRUSTRATED with the dumb planets during my Astronomy Class at UNI!! Because unlike music or math, SATURN doesn't come NATURALLY to me! My professor was actually very good. He was hilarious, and brought toys to use as class examples. In fact, he wore a little belt buckle with the planets on it.

THEY DON'T SELL THOSE THINGS at Urban Outfitters!! IT is probably specially-made for ASTRONOMY PROFS!

So anyway, on May 11th, 2011, my mom set a record for "The largest amount of people completing jumping jacks for two minutes straight" with the CPU K-12 students. She got around 1000 (??) students to complete j.jacks simultaneously for 2 mins straight.

It sounds really random. And partially, it is! But it was for the purpose of raising health awareness.

In the local news here:


Mom had been driving my car while I was in NY, and when I came back, there was a skeleton in the back seat. For those of you who have met my mother, you know that I am indeed telling the truth.

Hello, skeleton!

Generic Skeleton Photo.

She claims it was for the science classroom. I liked it so much that since I've been back I have started hauling a skeleton around the NY subway system. Mother knows best!

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  1. Loving mother is unconditional and you do it really well.
    Like what the theater teacher told you now I know how you got that talent :)
    great job Eva's mom